Using Art In The Modern World

The Use of Artistic Patterns Today

Many people like to feel a sense of continuity, and artists are among them. While creating original pieces as part of their work, there are many times when recreating a particular pattern in different ways is also part of their artistic goal.

They might be crafting a group of pieces on commission, or their vision of the current project might be for a collection of different objects with a common thread.

It does not matter why an artist wants to continue to create a specific pattern, so their work should be viewed as unique and original even when they choose to keep using a particular set of colours or shapes to create many different pieces.

Office d├ęcor

There are some companies that take the time to think about the overall look they want customers to see when they enter the premises, and hiring a decorator to help them is part of their budget.

They see continuity throughout their offices or showrooms as an important part of making a good impression, and many of them are attempting to create a certain type of atmosphere with their idea. They want their customers to see they are successful, and it is part of the salesmanship that will garner them more business in the future.

A home collection

For those who love to repeat a pattern to tie all the different areas of their home together, the work of an artist might be something they would seek. There are many commercial companies that produce goods in this manner, but some of them fall flat, and others are not bold or exciting. For a person who finds the perfect rug, a collection of vases might be necessary.

They can take a picture of the rug pattern, sent it to the artist and have glass transfers made by Siak Transfers that can be placed on the ceramic objects they have ordered. It is one way to create a home collection from just one object, and it is a common practice for those who redecorate their home on a regular basis.

Institutional decoration

There are many large institutions that have several offices, and some of them seek to give employees who travel between them a sense of feeling at home.

One way to do that is to create floor plans that are identical floor plans, but this is not always ideal if each building has a different function. Using a repeating pattern on the floors or walls might be the only way they can create a sense of continuity, so hiring an artist to recreate the pattern could be their only option.

There are many different ways that patterns are used to enhance life at the office, at home and even in large institutions. For artists, creating a single pattern that will be used in many ways and places is part of the work they expect to have over their career.

While some people might believe repeating a pattern shows a lack of creativity, the artist puts much of their energy into the original creation, and they then must find creative ways to apply it to many different objects.