Using Art In The Modern World

The Art of Hospitality

Friends and relatives dropping over for a few quick words are generally a welcome sight, and there are those who are able to make time to sit for a few minutes.

Sharing a hot beverage with them is a pleasure, and chatting about what is going on or making plans for the future can be a genuinely pleasant experience. The art of hospitality has a very long history, and it is still alive and well today.

For those who are unable to share space, sitting and chatting on the phone while sharing a cup of tea or coffee could still be a nice way to spend time together.

Offering a beverage

It has long been a custom in many societies to offer visitors food and drink, and it is a way to show lack of hostility as well as welcoming people. Sharing between friends this way is often a given, but it is still a nice gesture of friendship when offering a beverage to a guest.

For those who plan to have a good long chat, it helps relax the atmosphere for everyone, and it can make the occasion memorable if two people have not seen each other recently.

A visiting friend

A lack of ceremony does not always signal a lack of respect, and a visiting friend might feel something was wrong if the atmosphere was a bit too formal.

They might have come by often enough to help make the welcoming beverage, or they could get out bone china mugs from long familiarity with the routine of visiting.

Their welcome is in the smile of a friend and the chatting that will go on during the visit. They need not sit and wait to be served, and helping can make them feel they are exactly where they belong.

An important visitor

Not all visitors are familiar friends or beloved relatives, and being a bit more formal could be important. When a son or daughter brings home a prospective future in-law, it is not always easy for all parties.

Starting off with a little formality might actually ease the situation, and serving a warm beverage in fine bone china mugs from Wedgwood could give people an opportunity to relax slowly and get to know one another. It might seem counter intuitive, but it is the ritual that often leads people down the path toward familiarity.

Social situations come in many forms and fashions, and it can help all parties when any awkwardness or strain is eased by offering a soothing beverage to help relax the situation. Some people feel they are already part of the family, and they are ready to pitch in and help, but others might need a bit of formality to help them navigate a situation.

In either case, serving a welcoming cup is an ancient ritual that can make the meeting flow in a positive direction for all involved.