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Decorating a New Home

Young couples getting married and setting up housekeeping for the first time often have nothing more than bits and pieces when they get started on their new life.

They could have a pair of chairs left over from their childhood bedrooms, and they might have a partial set of china a relative gave one of them years ago. The bedroom might only have a futon with tall lamps a friend donated, or they could be using boxes to substitute for a dining room table.

This is normal as they start out, yet friends and relatives are often generous in helping them acquire what they need to feel that decorating a new home will eventually all come out just right.

Giving kitchen items

For those close to the couple, it is often a time when they work hard to find out exactly what they need and spread the word to other friends and relatives. The couple could find they have only one or two pots for cooking, or they might need a set of tea cups and saucers for entertaining guests.

Eating utensils could be an immediate need, or a recipe book if neither of them are used to cooking. If they have all they need for the kitchen, their close friends may be spreading the word about items they need in other rooms.

Luxurious towels

Setting up housekeeping includes the bath, and many have been those with thin towels that are ready to be added to the rag pile. There is nothing that says home better for some than luxurious towels that are full and soft. For relatives on a strict budget, getting together a group of them to each purchase a towel for the couple could be a gift beyond measure.

It will begin their life together with a feeling of luxury every time they shower or bathe, and they will be able to feel the love and kindness of those around them on a daily basis.

Decorating the dining room

There are few places more important to those who love to entertain than the dining room, but coming up with everything a couple needs can be a stretch. The table and chairs might have been handed down through several generations, but a coat of paint could make them look new again.

For those who expect company, loved ones will find that Wedgwood offers a full line of bone china teapots that will make hosting any event a proud one for a new couple just starting out on their own. They can entertain their guests in style as they pour, and it will give them a feeling of warmth and happiness as they remember the gift giver once again.

Starting off in life can be a time of anxiety for those without much in the way of furnishings, but being gifted with items such as fine bone china teapots and luxurious towels from loved ones who care deeply can make it much easier. Knowing there are friends and relatives eager to help them make a success of their new life could create a welcome atmosphere of relaxation as they prepare to forge ahead in their new life.